Sexy Dead Girls

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, I love making my costume, and I love seeing what other people wear. And to be honest, I don’t mind the “sexy” costumes some women and men wear. If you are comfortable showing off your body, why not. I mean, I’ll always prefer a home made costume to a store bought one, but I have no problem with people wearing as little or as much clothing as they desire.  I don’t believe in “body shaming” and I think we should encourage anyone and everyone to dress however they want.

That said, I did happen to come across a real gem of a costume this year, that reminded me a lot of Jane Caputi’s “The Sexual Politics of Murder.” This Costume is the ever classy and totally not offensive “Jane Doe DOA Bodybag Adult Costume” (I guess we should be thankful it only comes in Adult sizes…). Now, I totally understand that Halloween is about embracing the scary and the dead. My friends were dead Thelma and Louise one year for Halloween,  and I have donned my fair share of zombie makeup in my life. My problem with this costume comes from the sexualization of a woman as a corpse, and not only that, but as an anonymous corpse, with no friends or family who will get “uppity” when you have your way with her dead, lifeless body.  Thank god she died in heels too, otherwise she might not be as sexy.

A costume like this only enforces Jane Caputi’s point, that we in the United States have become fascinated with images of dead women, and we have even started sexualizing them. Why would a company think that it is OK to market a product like this?  I know I should not be surprised, as I am well aware that Halloween costume companies are not known for their PC designs, but this really blew my mind. Next we’ll have store bought “Sexy Battered Wife” or “Co-ed Who is Totally Asking for it” costumes. Let’s hope it never comes to that.


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