Spend Money to Lose Weight

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There is no denying that here in the United States, we are conducting what we call a “War on Obesity!” We have decided that being fat is a serious, impending and life threatening crisis of epic proportions. And by declaring a “war,” the American people have become scared. And what happens when we, as Americans, becomes scared? We spend money.

As noted in the article “A Beautiful Show of Strength: Weight Loss and the Fat Activist Self” by ZC Meleo-Erwin, a big way that people have begun to profit off the “War on Obesity” is in the rise of “obesity preventive surgery.” In 2001, 171,000 Americans had weight loss surgery, and the numbers are only growing. And, not surprisingly, women undergo surgery at five times the rate of men. And while, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 40.6% of women in the U.S. are obese, versus the 37.5% of men who are obese, this does not account for the large disparity in the amount of men vs. women who are getting weight loss surgery. More women are getting it because women, who are supposed to be beautiful, gorgeous and sexy, have more pressure on them to be skinny, or at the very least, not “obese.”

This trend can be seen too in weight loss programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. These are diet programs that are targeted and marketed specifically for women. So much so in fact, that Weight Watchers now has a program called “Lose Like a Man,” which highlights the gendered marketing of weight loss. Weight Watchers has been so successfully marketed to women, that they need to create an entirely separate program for men interested in their services.

But diet programs and surgery are not the only way people in the United States are profiting off of the “War on Obesity.” There are pills, shakes and bars that are all “guaranteed” to provide weight loss. These products line entire aisles at pharmacies around the country. I have even seen one amazing product called the “Cookie Diet,” which sounds absolutely delicious.  And, naturally, there are dozens of celebrities who market products for weight loss. 

And so, in America, if you want to loose weight fast because you are scared of the terrifying and impending epidemic that threatens are lives and our children lives, there are dozens of ways you can spend your money. From expensive surgeries, to Slim Fast, to already made meals delivered to your door, you can choose how to cure the epidemic your way.

Note: For a look at a person in the mainstream who is anti the “War on Obesity,” check out this video from Penn and Teller’s show Bullshit! 9887e935


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  1. Hahah I thought this was appropriate its a skit from MADTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKs0oEIVOck

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