And the Latest Disney Princess is…


I do not own this image.

I have a love Disney. I love many of the movies, Disneyland is my favorite place on earth, and the Wonderful World of Color still holds a very special place in my heart. Disney already owned The Muppets, and Marvel, and so in a fairly unsuprising move today, it has been announced that George Lucas sold Lucas Films (and with it the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones), to Disney. But the most interesting piece of information that has come out of this (as of right now), is that Princess Leia is now an (unofficial) Disney Princess.

Is this a “bad thing?” Are Disney Princess women who should not be admired? Are they bad role models for children? And, having said that, is Princess Leia really that strong of role model? I must admit, that this subject is too close to my heart, and too new, for me to really have an answer to these questions yet. But I will be thinking hard about it for the next couple days, and will update as soon as I have fully fledged out my ideas.


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