The Problem with the Meme…

Recently, I came across the meme Scumbag Fat Girl. Apparently this meme has been around for a while, but this is my first time seeing it.  Now, while there are numerous other “scumbag” memes, such as Scumbag Steve or his female counterpart Scumbag Stacy, I find this Scumbag Fat Girl meme to be more offensive than the others I have seen. The joke of this meme is that fat girls are often lazy, mean, judgmental and stupid. While the Scumbag Steve and Stacy memes are obviously gender biased, the jokes are based around a persons personality being scummy. The Scumbag Fat Girl meme however, relies on the fact that people, or specifically women, who are overweight, are unhappy with their bodies, judgmental of others, and have rotten personalities.

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For this to even become a meme, it means that it is an idea that our society is comfortable and familiar with. We already have, in our heads, the idea of the “bad” fat girl, who eats McDonalds, hates “skinny bitches,” and is in “denial” about her looks. And this is where the problem with this meme comes in. We, as a society, have some very sexist and biased ideas about what “fat” women think about and how they feel about their bodies. There is an inherit assumption that a woman who is fat must eat unhealthy, and must be miserable.

And when I went looking for a “Scumbag Fat Guy” meme, it was nearly nonexistent, and not anywhere near as popular as the Scumbag Fat Girl. I did manage to find this “quickmeme” page, with a total of 7 images. The difference between this meme and it’s female counterpart however, is that the jokes for the male are based around his weight, or around the idea that even a “fat man” wouldn’t want to date a “fat chick.” Because as we all know, nobody would ever want to date a “fat chick.”

And so for the Scumbag Fat Girl Meme, there are jokes around her weight, but the core of the jokes focus on her bad, bitter personality and lazy attitude. Where as, for the Scumbag Fat Guy, the jokes are about his weight, and how it makes other people uncomfortable. Just another example of how we, as a society, make a monster out of the idea of the “fat woman.” We highlight how awful their personalities must be, and how undesirable they are, as a cautionary tale to women. Don’t become fat little girl, or you might end up like Scumbag Fat Girl.


3 responses to “The Problem with the Meme…

  1. Very entertaining post loved it….i’ve never seen this meme before either, but wow definitely playing off fat is bad rhetoric… reminds me of that Mean Girls quote, “I don’t hate you because you’re fat your fat because I hate you”

  2. And imagine how the poor girl who’s picture this is feels. The internet can be a pretty cruel place.

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