Zombies and Child Birth


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There is no denying it, The Walking Dead is a disturbing show. It’s about a post apocalyptic zombie infested world, so how cheery can it really be. But during a recent episode, I was disturbed by something other than the gore (although, to be honest, the gore in this case was still really intense.)

Recently, the character of Lori Grimes was killed off in a shocking turn of attempts, when she went in to labor during a zombie attack, and an emergency cesarean section had to be preformed, in order to save the baby. And while the blood and guts were disgusting, what upset me was that she did not have to die. Admittedly, a c-section is not an easy procedure, but I was reminded of the excerpt ““Exorcising the Midwives,” from For Her Own Good by Deirdre English and Barbara Ehrenreich.  The excerpt, which talks about the medicalization of child birth, and the move away from midwives, talks about the attempt to take the care of women out of the hands of women. And while watching The Walking Dead, that was exactly what I was thinking. That I personally, and the majority of the women on the show, know zero (or very close to zero) about a natural process which many of us will experience. I’m not saying that all women need to be trained to give a c-section, but the fact is that I don’t even really know what it is (even though I, myself, am I c-section baby), let alone would I have any idea of where to even cut if the situation called for an emergency procedure. More than that, I wouldn’t even know what to do if a woman next to me went in to labor (other than to squeeze her hand and yell “pussshhhh!” like they do in movies). It’s a sad fact, but my knowledge of the process of giving birth is pretty abysmal, and it took The Walking Dead to show me jut how clueless I am.


4 responses to “Zombies and Child Birth

  1. how did you get a gif to embed in your blog post?

  2. While watching the Walking Dead I also thought that Lori didn’t have to die. As you stated in your piece, she didn’t have to die from a c-section and there is a true lack of knowledge of our bodies and how we can accomodate it. While watching the really graphic and quite disturbing death of Lori, I thought that the scene could have been done that way to show the audience that she is being turned into a martyr for her being with Shane while married.

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