Please Note: This post is a draft leading up to my final essay for HONS 201.

Slash fiction is a form of fan fiction written about to characters of the same sex, who, although hetero in the original text, have a homosexual relationship in this fan written literature. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as a cult t.v. show, is host to numerous fan fictions and slash fictions. A very common pairing in slash fiction is Faith and Buffy. There is no denying that this relationship is supported by the subtext of the canon (see the above video).  But there is more to the Faith and Buffy slash fiction (called Fuffy for short) than just two, attractive young women having sex. Seeing as most of the Fuffy slash fiction (often called femeslash for two women in a relationship) is written and read by women (Isaksson 3), exploring this relationship is a way for them to expose the sides of Buffy and Faith sexually, that they saw as missing on the show. In Fuffy fan fiction, Buffy can be dominant sexually, she can break free of the patriarchal chains that control her in the canon, and instead explore BDSM guilt free with Faith. Similarly, Faith can be shown as caring, loving and soft, a side of her that is not shown on the show. By using subtext to create a viable relationship between Faith and Buffy, fans were able to make Faith and Buffy into well rounded, sexually free (without guilt or sin) characters, closer to being the feminist icons they are so often called. These fan fiction texts also break down the norms of both heteronormal and lesbian relationships by having Buffy and Faith engage in explicitly pornographic sex , while also experiencing a strong romantic bond (Isksson 4-5). This Faith and Buffy fan fiction shows that woman can be in a sexual relationship that is as pornographic as the ones typically applied to hetero relationships, and that the female fans of the show were looking for more from both Faith and Buffy, who as previously shown, were flawed by the rules of the canon.

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Malin Isaksson.”Buffy/Faith Adult Femslash: Queer Porn With a Plot.


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