Problem with Pronouns

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In my HONS201 class recently, we watched the film Southern Comfort. This is a 2001 documentary about Robert, and female to male transsexual, and his life living with ovarian cancer.  This film is beautiful, and deeply moving, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the trans community, health care or just human interactions and families.

In class, after we watched this film, I noticed something very interesting. Many of us, I’d say damn near all of us, were having trouble finding the proper pronouns to use. And this isn’t a problem located just in our classroom, many people apparently have this same problem (here is a Jezebel article about this issue). It is a difficult situation, and one I don’t think we are close to fully understanding or fix in the U.S, but it did make me aware of the pronouns I use, and I will attempt, from now on, to think more carefully before I choose my words.

In addition, I did find this very useful chart about gender neutral pronouns, to help people learn which words to use.


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